A Lawyer's Personal Account
Of His Involvement In An Unusual Case
At The Request Of A Mysterious Client.



Think of a whodunit and an amateur detective. Think of a lawyer working his case. Think of a controversy in today's news.

Now think of all three wrapped up in one book, and you have some idea of B.K. Tyler's WISE CHILD. It's an odd topic, but a fun read.

Brian Tyler, Esq., is a partner in a medium-sized law firm. Retained to investigate theories about Barack Obama's birthplace, Tyler seems an unlikely choice by his mysterious client. But Tyler turns out to be the right man for the job -- skeptical about his assignment, yet open-minded enough to consider the evidence and to doggedly pursue every lead.

Share Tyler's journey to it's surprising conclusion.


"You must be aware of the claims that our President should not hold office because he was not born in this country. For reasons known only to myself, I want Mr. Tyler to conduct an independent and full examination of all the evidence from the ground up."





Author riffs on subject embroiled in current controversy.... The reader is left with no choice other than to try and race to solve the mystery.... Authentic, unpolished, literary style will have readers turning pages quickly.... Surprise ending worth the price of admission!

A smartly written whodunit filled with literary references and real world events.... There's some interesting back story tidbits here and there with cool references that had me Google more than a couple things, which is always a good sign of an engaging mystery. Thoroughly enjoyed this book.

An intriguing story ... has a very realistic feel. Despite the political events that the story is based on, it is not an overly politicized book so members of any party are still able to enjoy it. The controversy and mystery surrounding this story will keep you reading on quickly, trying to solve the puzzle before Tyler.


The Reader Is Respectfully Requested
Not To Reveal The Ending.